Special Education Law

Ensuring that your child gets an appropriate education is important. If your child has special needs, it is critical that those special needs are taken into account by the school. If the school ignores your child's special needs, your child's education may be at risk. And that's just unacceptable.

What is Special Education Law?

Special Education Law is a narrow field of legal practice focusing on state and federal educational requirements for children who have specific needs. In plain english, it means I know the law that schools have to follow when they are providing (or denying) services to my clients' children.

What Do You Do?

In a nutshell, my job as a special education lawyer is to help parents advocate for their children so schools provide the services and accomodations necessary to give their kids the best possible chance to thrive. Most of what I do is counseling and advising parents on what to do to get their kids the services they need. I'll sit down, spend an hour or two going over the issues, provide some guidance, and answer any questions. In a lot of cases, this is all that parents need in order to be successful at their meeting with the school.

Occasionally they need more help. When that happens, families hire me to attend hearings and directly advocate for their children's needs. In very rare cases where the school just cannot get its act together, I might have to bring a court action against the school district for violating due process.

If you have questions about CSE meetings, IEP's, or a 504 plan, call my office. We can set up a consultation to discuss your options in detail so you can go into any meetings on equal footing with the school.

I'm happy to help.