Real Estate


Real estate is a serious investment for a business. Things occasionally go wrong. You may run into an issue where your title is clouded by someone else claiming they own the land. Nearby property owners may build in a way that impairs your ability to use the property. Other property owners might prevent you from using your property the way you see fit. Abutting property owners may have even taken some natural resources from your property. You may want to build an addition or make renovations that would not be zoning code compliant. You may want to use the property you purchased for something that doesn't comply with current zoning ordinances.  Many of these issues need to be resolved in the courts or through local government. I help clients answer important real estate questions and fight it out in court when necessary.

Buying and selling real estate

The land you own is often one of the largest investments you will ever make. Making certain that the purchase or sale of that land is done well is incredibly important. The details and minutiae can be overwhelming, and that is where your lawyer comes in. I focus a significant portion of my practice on real estate so I can help guide you through the purchase or sale process as quickly and easily as possible. My real estate clients deal with me directly, not with a small army of paralegals doing the work on the file. If you’re planning on buying or selling a home or business, we should talk. I can help you with the details.