Intellectual Property

Whether they know it or not, most businesses have intellectual property that they should take steps to protect. Most people encounter intellectual property all day long. A catchy slogan? A memorable logo? Written publications online or off? All of these things are intellectual property. They should be protected.


Copyright is the exclusive right to use a created work. Copyright covers creative endeavors. If your business creates a video presentation, audio report, written work, video games, or any other creative endeavor, this is covered by copyright. Business owners and content creators need to make sure your content is protected. Consumers need to make sure they can't be sued for violations. Services I offer include:

  • Copyright registration;
  • DCMA takedown notices;
  • Suing copyright infringers on behalf of legitimate businesses; and
  • Defending copyright lawsuits brought by other creators.


Trademarks are recognizable signs, designs, or expressions that are used by businesses to differentiate their products from competitors. Large businesses trademark their slogans, logos, even company colors. Smaller businesses often neglect this step or fail to even see that some of their slogans and logos could be trademarked to protect them from spurious use by competitors. I help businesses identify their trademarks and protect them. I offer the following services:

  • Trademark litigation;
  • Trademark registration; and
  • Cease and desist review


I also handle litigation arising from licensing disputes and trade secret issues.


Patents protect inventions. The patent process is convoluted. Patent prosecution requires a special license issued by the the United States Patent Bar. I do not handle patent work, but I am more than happy to forward you to someone who can help you.