Personal Injury

Car Wrecks Are Serious

The amount of force involved in a car accident is astounding. Even when the damage is minor, you can still suffer serious injuries. Human beings are, after all, softer and more delicate than a multiple ton hunk of steel and iron. Try explaining that to an insurance adjuster or attorney for an insurance company and they claim that the injured person faking it or exaggerating. This is where I step in.

I know Car Accident cases

I represent people injured in car accidents. I started my career as a lawyer at a well-known personal injury firm representing people in car accidents. I moved on to represent insurance companies in car accident cases; I understand their arguments and know how to beat them.

Why I handle Car Accident Cases

If you consider my other practice areas, car accidents may seem like an odd choice. But I handle them for a reason. Car accidents are personal for me. I have never been injured in an accident, but my wife has. Another car pulled out in front of her they collided. The other driver caused that accident. I was on my way into work and got a frantic call from her that she was hurt. We spent the day in the emergency room and she was discharged with a huge cast on her hand and forearm. She kept that cast on for weeks. Our daughter was only a year old at the time, and my wife was unable to carry, hold, or cuddle her for weeks. I know what you're going through, and I know the pain and suffering is just the beginning of the damages you suffered. That's why I handle car accident cases.

That, and I'm good at them.

Slips & Fall Cases


People often joke about slip and fall cases. They laugh because people falling down is considered funny. They don't realize that falling down hurts and hurts badly. You can tear tendons and ligaments, break bones, and maybe even be paralyzed if you land wrong. You might need even need surgery. It's no laughing matter.


It might be. But if you fell in a grocery store, department store, or on someone else's property, the store or property owner might have been negligent. If the floor was wet, uneven, or something they left behind made you slip or trip, you might be able to recover for your injuries. You need to talk to an attorney to see if you have a case. That is where I come in.