Divorce & Family Law


Some marriages last for decades, some for only a short time. No matter how you slice it, a high percentage of marriages end in divorce. Divorce is time consuming, costly, and often highly emotional. It makes sense to hire a lawyer who can keep an even keel while making sure the divorce moves along without bogging down or costing you a small fortune. You don't want a full-fledged blowout in court—those are expensive and rarely have a good ending. You want steady, competent, and strategic representation focused not only on the results, but on how to get there.That’s where I come in.

Keep in mind, my goal is to negotiate a reasonable settlement for my clients. I will always go to trial if I have to, but a divorce trial is usually a worst case scenario that will leave everyone involved in a worse state when it’s all over. If you are looking for a guy who will pound the table, call opposing counsel names, and get emotionally involved, I can give you a few names. That approach does not benefit my clients and it is not how I handle cases. I take a more nuanced approach, trying to resolve issues before they come to a head. I prefer strategy over theatrics; my clients tend to agree.


On rare occasions, married couples have figured out that they want to get divorced and are able to come to an agreement on the terms without involving lawyers. When that happens, I can help one of the spouses prepare all of the documents necessary to move forward with an uncontested divorce. Of course, it is always possible that what was once an uncontested divorce will run into a roadblock and become a contested divorce. In that case, I am well equipped to litigate the case through to the end. Either way, I have you covered.

Child Custody & Support


Litigation over child custody is inherently unpleasant. Usually child custody cases involve two parents who both want to see their children but do not get along well enough to work together. Once the courts get involved, it is important to have someone representing your interests so you do not lose contact with your child.

I handle child custody visitation matters in the same way that I handle divorce matters. I take a measured approach designed to make sure my client receives the best possible result. If a case can be resolved quickly, I resolve it quickly. If a trial is needed, I take it to trial. My goal is to make the matter as painless as possible and find a resolution that fits my client’s needs and keeps them from having to come back to court over and over again.

Child Support

When people have a child together but do not live together for whatever reason, the law often provides that the person who takes care of the child is entitled to child support from the other parent. The amount of child support is calculated based on a statutory formula and is based primarily on the non-custodial parent’s wages.

I help clients in a few different ways when it comes to child support obligations. If the parent who has the child does not receive child support, I help them get a child support order. If they have a child support order but the other parent isn’t paying, I help them enforce the order. I also help non-custodial parents modify child support payments that have become unmanageable because of changed income and defend child support enforcement cases.