The Solo Lawyer on Vacation

The Solo Lawyer on Vacation

I am theoretically on vacation right now in Lake Ozark, Missouri. But here I am, writing a blog post, because I have this idea of something to write about. And that, dear friends, is what it is like to be a solo lawyer on vacation.

I go on what could theoretically be called "vacation" often. But I am only very rarely ever truly on vacation. I am at a lake house with family and I brought my MacBook, iPad, external keyboard, camera gear...

Yeah. So about vacations as a solo. They're weird. I am the only person in my office. No support staff, nothing like that. So whenever I go on an actual vacation, I take all of my gear so I can handle most of my practice from afar just in case. Usually nothing comes up and I just end up writing or responding to a few emails, but I can't be unavailable for too long because I am the only one who can fix shit if it breaks.
Contrast with my friend Boozy Barrister who just went to the mountains of Tennessee and apparently went incommunicado for awhile. (Also, he wrote a great piece on why lawyers need vacations). Of course, that bastard has support staff, a boss, and all that stuff. But that was his first vacation in.... eons? Me, I go on mini vacations every two months. I'm a regular dilettante compared to Boozy.

Damn, I got off track there. Ok, so here's the deal. Boozy has noted that lawyers need vacations. He's right. But solos especially need vacations but are usually not wired to actually take them. My wife is currently giving me the side eye as I sit here writing this. I spent yesterday debating marketing angles and figuring out if I can record a video while I am here. My GoPro is currently running on time-lapse to get B-roll footage for videos. Taking a vacation when you're the only person on charge is damned-near impossible. The best most of us can hope for is to limit work stuff to answering email and maybe writing a rambling blog post about nothing in particular. And maybe film a few videos (or at least get some B-roll).
At least that's my plan.

CAVEAT - Except for Disney World and Great Wolf Lodge. The only thing I'm doing there is vacationing. Unless the office burns down.

Ok, vacation time. That's it for now.

Oh, and here's some B-roll from Lake Ozark, Missouri.