Random Thoughts (A Whirlwind Wedding Weekend)

A Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

So... fair warning guys, there is very little point to this post other than that I feel like writing it. I spent a whirlwind long weekend traveling to my old stomping grounds (Buffalo, NY) with the family for a dear friend's wedding.

First, the itinerary:

  • 3am on day of departure (Thursday): Curse wife for idea to drive the whole shot in one day.
  • 4am on day of departure: Somehow on the road, adequately caffeinated (barely)
  • 12 hours later that day: Arrive in Buffalo, exhausted. Meet a good friend (and our kiddo's nanny before we moved) for chicken wings. Eat too many chicken wings.
  • That night: Sleep. Not enough sleep.
  • Friday: Spend the day with my mom and the family. Eat at a local diner (I'm from a tiny town northeast of Buffalo). Eat the best ice cream on the planet. Oh, and we saw my grandmother in a nursing home in really bad shape. More on that later.
  • Saturday late morning: Lunch with a good friend/Disney travel agent (and insurance defense lawyer).
  • Saturday afternoon: beautiful outdoor wedding, beautiful couple, even featured a rainbow at the end of the night. Oh, and they had an ice cream truck,
  • Sunday afternoon: Lunch then hanging out with some great people and their kids (ratio of lawyer to non-lawyer adults (6:1).
  • Sunday afternoon pt. 2: More of the best ice cream on the planet.
  • Sunday evening: Dinner with good friend again.
  • Monday morning (3am): Not this shit again.
  • Now: Writing a blog post while my wife puts the kid to bed.

So that was my weekend. Now on to my thoughts, in no particular order:

  1. I firmly believe that the number of chicken wings you can safely eat inversely correlates with age. I just can't hang anymore.
  2. Most of my lawyer friends are insurance defense people. I am a plaintiff's lawyer a hefty percentage of the time. They're great people and I love hanging out with them, which leads me to conclude that the lawyers are fine, it's the insurance companies that are [censored]. I mean, this is a well-known fact by lawyers, but most normal people think the lawyers are the assholes. Not true (most of the time). It's the damned insurance companies.
  3. Lake Effect Ice Cream is the best ice cream on the planet.
  4. My grandma is in a nursing home. She can barely lift her head (read: she can't lift her head). She knew I was there but she could barely look at me. It is heartbreaking to think of how we take care of our elders and even more heartbreaking that she's going to burn through her savings to pay for this bullshit.  The people seemed nice at this particular facility, but I will be damned if it didn't seem like little more than a way-station on the way to the end.

See, this post is pointless, but I warned you ahead of time. But if you must take something away from this, take away these two things:

  1. Lawyers, even lawyers on the other side, are people too. We're all doing a job and representing our clients. Try to remember that when you get pissed off seeing your lawyer talking to the other lawyer about their kids soccer game.
  2. For the love of all things holy in this world, if you're getting up there in age (or have relatives getting older), do some Medicaid planning. The amount of money nursing homes burn through for what I see as little more than an old-person warehouse is absurd.

Ok, I'm done. Time to grill some bratwurst, drink some wine, and get ready to work again tomorrow.

(As if I ever stopped working over the weekend).