Appellate Advocacy

Civil & Administrative Appeals

Appellate advocacy is different than trial court litigation. Appellate cases are decided based on written briefs submitted to the court and short arguments by counsel. There is no long, drawn out trial. If it’s a post-trial appeal, that part has already happened. In appeal, everything is distilled down to the same record the lower court used to make a decision. The appeal is limited to what happened in the lower court.

Appeals are all about law and persuasion. I represent clients in appeals and help other lawyers with their clients’ appeals. I assist other lawyers at trial to make sure they preserve appellate issues. I also prepare administrative appeals on behalf of my clients and other lawyers

Criminal Appeals & Post-Conviction Relief

A criminal case doesn't end once the trial is over. Appellate advocacy is an incredibly important part of the criminal justice system. Appellate courts review what happened a trial to make sure everything was fair. If someone is convicted after a trial, they're usually presented with two options - serve the time or appeal the decision. 

I focus the entirety of my criminal defense practice on appellate advocacy and post-conviction relief. I do not handle trial level criminal cases.

If the Judge made some bad rulings during the trial, it might be worthwhlle to appeal the conviction. I handle direct criminal appeals in state and federal courts. I also handle other post-conviction relief, including habeus corpus petitions. If you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime, I might be able to help. If you're about to stand trial and want an experienced appellate lawyer to help preserve a solid record for you, I can do that too.